Coach Crochet: Keep Fighting

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Coach Crochet: Keep Fighting

Coach Crochet: Keep Fighting

Football is about planning 3 and preperation.

The schedule comes out in preseason.

The team watches film to prepare, and then you go out an execute a game plan.

But ron snyder explains how one hall of fame coach had to overcome an opponent that was nowhere on his radar.

Former loreauville football kirk crochet loves being retired and pushing his 7 year old granddaughter ava on the swingset..i can swing really high and i think that's fun.

In feb 2011, ava's grandfather's life was swinging in the balance.... he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He was a high school hall of famer with 201 wins, but the fight had just begun.

The intial call from your doctor just alot of things run through your mind so that was the most difficultit was very devasting at first but family helped us to get through it.

Coach crochet had surgery to get rid of prostate cancer and just 2 months later and he was cured.

He refused to say why me.

You definitely have that you know that you have to overcome it quickly because you have to get on the road to recovery.

And i didn't get to feel sorry for myself because once i went to the hospital in new orleans i saw people with much worse cases on the elevator.

I think he appreciates life alot more and really enjoys everyday that he has and really enjoys his retirement now coach crochet is 68 and he's tested every six months to be safe... his battles here on the football field developed his mental toughness to keep going.

Of course coaching helped alot.

When you get knocked down you have to get back up.

Giving up is not an option.

You have to fight.

Coach crochet never won a state title... but he's grasping on to victory everyday.

Ron snyder news 15 sports coach "cro-shay" says he enjoys everyday now with his wife--- janice, three kids, and of

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