Lee Hall Execution

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Lee Hall Execution

As Lee Hall exhausts his final attempts to put off his execution, we talk to Gene Crozier, the father of the woman he burned to death in 1991 in Chattanooga.


Lee Hall Execution

The planned execution of a former chattanooga resident.

53-year-old lee hall was convicted for the 1991 killing of his estranged girlfriend.

Tracy crozier was burned to death in her car.

Tonight, crozier's father is speaking out on the night before the execution.

Here is our news 12 exclusive report.

Lisa: this is all that is left of traci crozier's car.

She was sitting in it when hall doused her with gasoline and set it on fire.

Gene: i was asleep.

Woke me up.

One of her uncles called me and told me that she had gotten burned.

Well i didn't, he didn't go into details of how bad it walls.

It's bad when you can't recognize your daughter.

Laying in a bed.

Lisa: lee roy hall's family tried to comfort and shower after hearing the word that they were dreading.

Punishment by death.

At 25 years old leroy hall junior is facing the electric chair.

But traci crozier's family is relieved.

Gene: as someone at the va was telling me, i'm going to tell you something you probably don't want to hear but maybe you need to forgive him.

I said no i don't need to forgive him.

So yeah he spent the better part of his life in jail.

Now i'd like to ask him, was it worth it?

You know was it worth it.

Did you not think what you were going to do.

It had to be premeditated.

Did you think there weren't consequences?

Robyn: add a hearing last week holes lawyers argued a juror who was a domestic violence victim, was biased.

On tuesday judge don poole ruled that that was not the case and he dismiss the post conviction relief petition.

Gene: all these appeals processes and everything, this stuff should've been taken care of many many many years ago.

Don't wait to the last damn minute.

You know they've had 28 years there.

Hell do it.

I'm happy.

I'm glad it's going to happen.

I don't know if it will bring closure or not.

Because you never forget about her i never will.

I think he'll hang his head down and not even look at me.

I don't believe he'll look me in the eye.

And even say that he is sorry or i don't believe he would.

He's just a, he's just a coward.

When they execute him tomorrow, he'll be punching his ticket to go straight to hale.

That's the way i feel about it.

God bless him.

Mckamey animal center continues their investigation

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