Redding comes together to remember beloved attorney

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Redding comes together to remember beloved attorney

Dugan Barr's law firm, Barr and Mudford, is saying they have been getting calls of people sharing their favorite memories of the attorney.


Redding comes together to remember beloved attorney

Of redding's most beloved attorneys has died at age 77 spencer joseph is live in redding with how he's being remembered tonight... debbie his law firm barr and mudford is saying the've been getting calls all day long of people who are sharing their favorite memories of dugan... trt1:49 sot: i guess the term renaissance man it's just him& he love practicing law he loves me he loves music he loves playing instruments i love traveling riding in the politics and i can't believe he was a good dancer to ugan barr is being remebered by his associates as an amazing man with a huge heart.

Sot: and it sounds like a clicé that he was a giant man at heart but he was& dugan has been practicing law since 1967 in redding& being a part of several high profile cases& but he kept a low profile when talkiing aobut the massive ammount of charity work he did in redding.

Sot: and they were all kinds of other times of issues that was involved in but mostly we didn't even know about and i think it speaks to his character that he didn't broadcast it because he wasn't doing it for attention what he was doing it because he really did care and i think that's really what he wants in life as for his practice& well he loved rooting for the underdog& sot: but most importantly barr will live on in all of the young minds he molded and lives he touched sot: and so he took on a lot of young associates and i was one of them in overtime worked with us and helped us develop her skills so that we could take over and continue his legacy and that's what we plan on doing and just a couple of the big organizations he helped in town were the good news rescue mission and one safe place barr leaves behind his daughters catie and erin... both now work at the firm their father started in 1967...## in sports...

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