Joe Biden Exclusive Interview

Video Credit: KIMT
Published on December 5, 2019 -
The former VP sits down with KIMT News 3 Anchor George Mallet

Joe Biden Exclusive Interview

Campaign 2020 social media platforms are alight tonightá áá as former vice president joe biden barnstorms across the hawkeye state aboard a vehicle the campaign is calling the "no malarkey" bus.

Turns out members of generation x and millenials think the word "malarkey" is funny.

It might beááá but the word is also quintessential joe biden..

As i found out today riding along with the former vice president in mason city á for an exclusive interview.

Exclusive it has been a whirlwind day on the campaign trail.

Former vice president biden was holding a campaign event at mason city's historic park inn when word broke that california senator kamala harris... whom we interviewed this summer... was dropping out.

A startled biden was unfailingly gracious in reacting to the news.

She is a first rate intellect.

First rate candidate and a real competitor.

I have mixed emotions about it.

Following that exchange with reporters, we were the only news team permitted to board biden's soácalled "no malarkey" tour bus for a one on one interview.

I asked the longá serving 77 year old public servant why he is running.

He told me his grandchildren called a family meeting and told him "pop you have to run."

I realized if i really meant what i said all these years, how could i step back?

How could i not do it?i think that, it's presumptious of me to say this, but, i think my experience has suited me particularly well to deal with the two things we have to deal with.

One is, how do you unite this nation under the next president ?

How's that happen?

And how do you rebuild our standing in the world?

Because we're not going to have any time for on the job training.

Biden says president trump has abused the power of the presidency more than any chief executive in his lifetimeááá á and he says it was abuse of power that motivated him to run for the senate in the waning years of the nixon administration and still motivates him today.

I'll be blunt with you, if donald trump were not the we parted company with former vice president biden at the airport in mason cityááá where he told me he was going to place a phone call to senator harris.

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