Neighbors voice safety concerns at town hall

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Neighbors voice safety concerns at town hall

Some Morgan County residents say they feel a little safer at home after a talk with the sheriff's office


Neighbors voice safety concerns at town hall

Tonight -- some morgan county residents say they feel a little safer at home - after a talk with the sheriff's office.

Thank you for joining us tonight -- i'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

This all revolves around a brutal home invasion that left a 67-year-old man practically blind.

Now people who live in the morgan city and union hill communities are asking law enforcement how to protect themselves.

Waay 31's shoshbedrosian was at the town hall meeting tonight and has more details.


Dan and najahe-- this pamphlet right here on how to protect yourself in a home invasion was given out tonight.

With a packed room, community members brought their questions and expressed their safety concerns to the morgan county sheriff's office.

I spoke with the man who put together this town hall.

He tells me a meeting like this will help his community know the sheriff's office is looking out for them.

Gage cross, organized town hall "we gotta have some peace and comfort to know that we're safe in our homes."

Gage cross has lived in union hill for 16 years.

He told me it used to be so safe here, he never even had to lock his door.

But those days are over gage cross, organized town hall "home invasions, violent break ins...those never really happened up here.

Before and after the third and fourth one that was reported, people started getting real nervous and so i felt like this was the time to come together" sheriff ron puckett talked to residents about how they can look out for themselves sheriff ron puckett, morgan county sheriff's office "a lot of the responsibilities for protecting themselves is their responsibility.

You gotta be responsible for locking the place, lock your vehicle, lock your property" he explains that it's easy for people to say there needs to be more deputies patrolling the streets, but that's not always the case.

Sheriff ron puckett, morgan county sheriff's office "you will never have enough deputies to protect every household in morgan county" sheriff puckett said protecting your family and your life is what's most important.

Gage cross, organized town hall "we're in a day and age now where everyone has to lock their doors just to be able to go to bed at night because they're scared of what might happen" people i spoke with after the meeting told me they're very satisfied with the information the sheriff provided.

They feel it's important for the sheriff's office to be transparent with the community.

And that they continue to communicate with them about what's going on in their neighborhoods.

Reporting live in union hill..sb--waay 31 news.

Thank you shosh.

Right now authorities are still searching for the suspect in that brutal attack.

Authorities say the suspect knocked on the door and later attacked the victim with an object when he opened it.

The victim says he knows the suspect -- but can't think of his

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