Ellison talks hate crimes

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
It's a tough topic, even for an Attorney General

Ellison talks hate crimes

Thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 at 10á i'm george mallet./// first tonight... a big name in the med city.

Minnesota attorney general keith ellison is in rochester as part of a stateá wide tour.

And tonight á he's talking with local leaders about a tough topic.

Hate crimes.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco is hearing concerns in our community and joins us live now á isabella?

Live george... it was right behind these doors at the first unitarian universalist church where people from different walks of life sat down with minnesota attorney general keith ellison and he tells me he's all ears.xxx churches... schools... and homes.

Hate crimes have happened in all three.

In a packed sanctuary tonight á minnesota attorney general keith ellison heard the stories of people including ashalul aden.

Nat of page flip "i could be at the gas station, just putting gas in my car and i hear "terrorist," just people shouting things.

Luke stevensá royer... the minister at first unitarian universalist churcháá had a story to tell too.

Nat of page flip "as a minister i see all the time, people in my own church or people in the wider community who daily are dealing with microá aggressions whether it's ethnicity, or race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious identity."

Ellison gets it.

"i know what it's like to be targeted based on your race or religion but i would argue that no matter who you are, even if you are from the majority culture, hate crimes are something you need to be concerned about because we believe in liberty and justice for all."

The fbi reports there were 4571 hate crimes against people last year.

Ellison wants that number reduced to zero.

"it is important for us to see this as a stateá wide effort that all of us are on."

Creating a world of empathy... understanding and tolerance á is something ashalul says ellison says if you have any ideas or comments to share... please send snail mail to his office or go online.

Live in rochester... ib... kimt news 3.

Thank you isabella.

This was ellison's 33rd such listening session./// let's take

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