Dog fighting investigation continues

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Dog fighting investigation continues

Dog fighting investigation continues

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An animal believed to be the victim of a dog fighting incident has passed away.

Meanwhile, the case is still being investigated.

We have the latest, in tonight's top local story.

The mckamey animal center continues their investigation in a dog fighting case.

Interim director of animal services becca ross: "mckamey does not stand for dog fighting.

We, we follow, take all those leads seriously.

We want to stop dog fighting in the city of chattanooga."

Last month, mckamey got a call about this dog.

It was found on top of a trash pile on lightfoot mill road.

The dog couldn't move and had wounds so severe it had to be put down.

"the dog did have significant fight wounds that appears to be in some type of fight.

So we do feel like it could've of possibly been in a dog fight."

Interim director of animal services becca ross says that dog fighting is more common than you think.

"dogs being tied up on tethers, being kept away from each other, maybe very friendly with people, but very dog aggressive.

Those are all common things that we look for in dog fighting case."

In this case, ross says they're following up on several good leads they've received.

She says there is a 6-thousand dollar reward for information leading to charges filed against the person

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