Talking about bullying

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Parents are learning what they can do to help

Talking about bullying

To address and change any issue á people have to have conversations about it.

That's what parents did tonight at a session about bullying at kassoná mantorville elementary school.

The school partnered with their parentá teacher organization to teach parents how to talk with kids about bullying.

One tip... utilizing resources.

Parents can work with the school to forster better á kinder á attitudes with students.

The principal tells kimt news 3 some of the signs parents should look out for when it comes to bullying "understanding maybe a change in mood in your child, maybe they are disinterested with things they typically are, those things sometimes the busyness of our life we don't slow down and pay attention to, those would be really important signs for us to pay closer attention to."

The school hopes to host another meeting in the a big day on the campaign trail today as california

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