The Public Library held a gingerbread house workshop

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
The community gathered to make their own gingerbread house cookies.

The Public Library held a gingerbread house workshop

Tania tchalikian joins us live with more.


I was able to go and make my own gingerbread house today and it defintiely made me feel like a kid again.

The public library is at the victoria community center for their annual gingerbread house workshop.

This is the 20th annual gingerbread house workshop done by the public library.

They encourage parents and families to join with their children in building their own gingerbread house.

All they need to bring, is just their creativity.

"basically we provide all the materials for kids and families to come in and create their own gingerbread house to either eat and enjoy or take home with them."

The library donates all the materials for the families to get together and enjoy.

"we prepare and we come to the community center and we just put it all together.

We decorate and kids are having fun we have some music going it's lots of fun."

The community enjoys this tradition and families get to make new memories together.

"this year, this was the first time he really did it all by himself and it's fun to see his creativity and obviously this year she loves to eat it more than even make it so it's fun to see them grow every year at the same event."

There were so many creative and adorable gingerbread houses that were made.

In victoria im tania tchalikian for your hometown news.

And tania brought her gingerbread house to show us.

Tell us what you did and tania brought her gingerbread house to show us.

Tell us what you did here.

Well i had some help with a little man named braden who gave me some pointers.

So thank you again braden.

Well here i have my lights.

I have a lot of lights i mean it is christmas time so lights make everythiung prettier.

Heres my door and these are windows.

I saw so many creative gingerbread houses that mine proably wont stand a chance.

Stay with us -- coming up on newscenter 25 at ten ---

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