TYLER AM LIVE Deadly wreck DUI

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
TYLER AM LIVE Deadly wreck DUI

TYLER AM LIVE Deadly wreck DUI

Behind bars for crashing his car while high on meth and killing a woman.

His legal team is now working to appeal that sentence.

44news reporter tyler druin is live this morning where that february accident happened.


Tommy that accident happen right here in this intersection?

Its one that devastated the community?

In february of this year, 54 year old william buckman admitted he was high on meth and thc when he drove his car the wrong way down first ave.

Near diamond when he crossed over the median hitting and killing 72 year old "daily's bakery owner darla smith.

William buckman pleaded guilty to his charges?

Just two weeks ago.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

As of late tuesday a public defender was appointed to appeal the sentence.

Buckman has a wrap sheet dating back to 1997.

His most recent cases in vanderburgh county were from 2015 and 2016 for possession of meth and carrying a hand gun without a license.

Darla smith son jason daily told 44news?we can replace the loss of darla, my mom.

We have all been grieving.

We have been patiently waiting for william buckman day in court?

The appeal process could take three to six months to complet?

In evansville tyler druin 44news?

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