Young Author

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Young Author

Sarah-Nicole Jackson turns 15 today and she has already written two books.

She has a signing for her new book Thursday 6PM at Barnes & Noble at Hamilton Place Mall.



Young Author

It's just i and workshop and also a publisher that stated they want to write and is actually become published and we have one of the authors winning us today.

Attended area theoretical jackson therapy holdings for joining a birthday he is returning today.

I am turning 15 years old today.

15 and you have two published books already.

How does that feel feels pretty good.

I definitely never thought i would ever publish a book.

At this stage to tell you about what made you decide to be an author made you decide to take some of these workshops with a novel idea ever since i was little starting in second grade.

I love to read and starting a third grade i starte to like to write stories and eventually i started creating my own characters codes.

If you asked me parents.

I have a very huge imagination and i've created all these characters an i wanted to do something with them like created.

The story is that i wanted to write a little bit about the characters that you've curated a little about your book.

The first thing is for my first book time to shine the characters there all basically my age, their high school freshman at a music school for talented teenagers and the story for time to shine is about him re: a diamond.

She is the main character in the story she is new at the school and has to form a band with all these people that she doesn't the requirement of school and not only do they have to focus on that and also a student gets murdered, so they have the they don't have to solve the mystery but there are going to say they disfigure it, why not try to solve history and for my second book cyberspace which comes out tomorrow.

It's the characters vary between like young adult on teenage characters, but they're all they all have something in common.

They don't really trust the government or say in the story because the governments not the best, and the plot of cyberspace is these three different girls who don't know each other at all.

They end up meeting each other because they get caught up in a government scheme because there at the wrong place at the wrong time about your writing process and how does this waiting at the inspiration we are story lines are characters you when you joy about the writing process with difficult about it as well.

The most difficult part about the writing process most definitely has to be just literally writin it in general.

It's sometimes hard to just get the energy to just get up and write that when pages 100 while and i'm also very impatient person so like a writing story of us a part of m wishes it was already written, so i can just read it and overheard this really good quot one day you write the stories you want to read and and that just inspires me every day because if i want to read the story then i should get up and write it the easiest part where the most fun part about the process is definitely coming up with characters because i love character creation.

If you've ever played a video game you ge to make your own character at the beginning i love those a lot and ... i have to say the writing process is like a roller coaster.

One of my favorite authors online once said writing is stressful.

It is the only thing i want to do with my life as health and with and normalizing of course those are some workshops you were able to attend and they really help you kind of learn how to get the rough heart then and put everything together.

I think they definitely did they learn just like set goals and how much we wanted to write each day is that it didn't feel like a lot and setting goals much easier for yourself because when you don't have a goal in mind, you sorta don't know when to stop o start now.

Tomorrow is a big exam in today's the big day.

Consider turning 15 at your birth day, but tomorrow is when your second book is being released and what is important tomorrow, but i looks meeting people.

I am most definitely looking forward to seeing my book for the first time as i haven't seen it myself.

Tomorro will be the first time i get to see the local cop of it.

I'm very excited for people like to read it.

I love just tell everyone what you can find it tomorrow got to be at barnes & noble tomorrow starting at six starting at 6 pm course, the on in the hamilton pl., mall.

The books are only six teen dollars and

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