Toy Drive Evansville

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Toy Drive Evansville

Toy Drive Evansville

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An organization known for helping families put presents under the tree is not around this year creating a void in our community.

The toys for tots campaign in southwestern indiana ended this yea?but now local businesses and organizations are trying to fill the void.

44news reporter erran huber has a closer look tonight on how the community is coming together.err an?

Paparazzi is more known for dresses and luxury goods.but this year into a new line with other organizations to make sure those in need have a joyful season.

"i have three kids myself.

So thinking about the disappointment of a child not getting a christmas gift was enough to make me kinda want to get involved."

Most of those stepping into kassy lauer's shop are on the hunt for the finer things.

But this business owner knows firsthand what many tr?

State kids going withou?are going through.

"i actually grew up in poverty so i understand that when you can't afford something, you can't afford it."

With no one stepping up to chair this year's toys for tots in southern indian?local leaders have instead banded together on their own.

Wanting to make sure the joys of christmas still make it to every kid in the river city.

"we just wanted to step up make sure as a community we work together to make sure this happens."

While courtney johnson and his young and established team do their own toy drive each yea?

This yea?the stakes are higher.

But they're rising to the challeng?

Along with those donating.

"we didn't know it would be this many kids.

But it was just one of those things that we wanted to step up and be just involved in.

It has something to do with kids and bringing the community together."

And so the toy boxes are still filling up.

With businesses around their city setting up bins for collection.

In hopes that by december 1?they're ready to go for those most in need of happy holidays.

"we have a lot of volunteers but of course we need some more of them.

We have a lot of toys, but of course we need a lot more toys."

If youe interested in helping out with this years te willve link ways to join on our website wevv dot com.

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