Amory Vote

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Amory Vote

Next Tuesday, Amory residents will decide the future of alcohol sales in their city.


Amory Vote

Next tuesday, amory residents will decide the future of alcohol sales in their city.

Amory is the one of the few cities in monroe county that is still dry.

Our stephanie poole joins us in live in the studio with more .

This election will determine the sale of wine and beer within city limits.

While some residents support the idea, others are fighting to keep the town the same.

Amory, mississippi has been a dry city for over a hundred years... but that could all be changing in a couple of days.

Carla glasgow says it's time for amory to bring about change with the sale of liquor.

" i am interested in the growth and the future of amory.

We had the election five years ago and we lost by a few votes.

In that 5 years period we've not grown.

We've lost enrollment in our schools, our sales tax is down and we need an economic tool to help us get back in the 21st century."

Glasgow says people have to drive out of the city to make beer purchases who then bring it back into the city, illegally.

On top of that, she says it's a waste of tax dollars that could be spent in the city of amory.

"it against the law to have alcohol inside the dry town.

So you're breaking the law when your drive to aberdeen and bring it back to town.

It seems to me that people that want to purchase alcohol outside of town get our tax dollars, it only makes sense for us to get the tax dollars and them not be breaking the law."

A shorter drive may seem like a good option, but some residents still aren't sold on the idea.

" it's not being sold here so we don't want to bring it in here.

Even though it would be convenient for some people, it's in our community with all the children and things so don't sale it here."

Pastor lloyd sweatt of meadow wood baptist church says this can lead to alcohol abuse and underage drinking.

" alcohol is not the solution to problems, there's a good many people that socially drink and i'm not naive to that.

I grew up with an alcoholic mom and dad so that i see that part, and if it wasn't for the grace of god i'll be right there myself.

In the city of amory we feel that it's beautiful, it's doing well and - lot of things and we are the voice of just doing out and vote no."

"people who drink are going to continue to drink, people who are alcoholics will continue to be alcoholics.i've always said, things don't stay the same, it's either growing or deteriorating and i just want to see our town grow.

It hurts me to see us continuously decline."

Amory voters head to the polls december 10th from 7a.m.

To 7p.m stinger a new staff

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