Jobs Coach

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Students in Houston are getting help finding their future job.

Jobs Coach

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Students in houston are getting help finding their future job.

Houston high school's new career coach is sharing her experience in the business world.

Allie martin has more.

Joy deason's door is always open at houston high school.

Nats deason started as career coach this august.

The new position is funded through a grant from the create foundation.

"we are the vehicle that takes our students where they're trying to go, and sometimes the dotted line from where they are and where they want to be and can be is just not very obvious."

Each student deason works with starts with an aptitude and interest assessment to find their strengths and skills, and start developing a plan for life after high school.

Deason says a four year college plan is not for every student.

"you don't have to go to college if you don't want to go to college, if that is not where your gifts can shine, there are so many other opportunities for you, if you are ready to learn and work hard you can have a really great future in the state of mississippi."

Standup bridge deason spent years as a business consultant before coming to houston high school.

The principal says students are benefiting from her knowledge and real world experience.

"she can talk to them in a different way then we can, with a different set of experiences, give them some background from a different perspective, that's one of the things that , she works with them on soft skills, what to expect in interviews, connect what we have taught and what we've looked at here."

Deason also spends time working with civic and business leaders in the community, increasing awareness of the career coach program and how it can match potential future employees with local businesses and industries.

In houston, allie martin, wcbi news deason will also work with eighth graders to help them start on career planning..


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