Maroon Tide rolling to State Title Game: one win away from perfect season

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

Maroon Tide rolling to State Title Game: one win away from perfect season

There are only two teams left practicing in December in Class 5A high school football, one of them being Picayune.

Head Coach Dodd Lee says his Maroon Tide always expected to be in this moment, playing for the chance to not only cap off a perfect season by hoisting up a gold ball, but also send off the man of the hour in state championship style.


Maroon Tide rolling to State Title Game: one win away from perfect season

Their own o'clock with a black friday cyber monday behind us - there's only two teams left - practicing in december, in- class 5-a high school travel tuesday's taking flight - football... one of them being - picayune.

- and head coach dodd lee says hi- maroon tide always expected - to be in this moment... playing with the travel deals ...- for the chance to not only cap- off a perfect season, by .

Ricky went as all details ...- hoisting up a gold ball... but from to hotels airfares there - also send off the man of the- hour... in state championship - style.- are more vacation bargains toda- nat ---> "get ready to punch th clock, baby!- get ready to punch the clock!"

"it's where we expected to be.

Really believe that.

I think ou- kids expected to than black friday and cyber - be here.

I think they paid the- price to be here.

And that's wh- we are here."


Combined a lot of - picayune's run to the 5-a state- - - - title game didn't happen by - accident... and that price of - admission... certainly wasn't healthcare and hope how they - free.

- "hard word pays off.

It pays off.

We're going to keep- working.

We've been working - for a while.

But it pays off."

Relate to and sanitize traveler- the maroon tide has gotten ever- team's best shot on its - way to a perfect 14-0 season, u- to this point... culminating- with to buy fairchild law after the - friday's 49-14 south state- revenge game win... at west holidays.

Even as i passed - jones.- "it took time a little bit to come out and figure out and get- some things going, but we consumers.

The average savings - came together and we executed - and we got the job done."

Battling through injury... the of 40% on airfare at several - state's leading rusher, - in cameron thomas... still brok- off three touchdown - runs... as a part of his gutsy- 22- carry... 244-yard international and domestic - performance.- next up, for the tide...- three-time defending state- - - carriers/prices across country - champion west point.- "this is big for us, especially a lot of our seniors.

We're - going to give everything ticket from san diego to newark- we've got.

It's our last game.- it's the way to go out and we'r- going to give it- everything we can."

Just $89 to buy a ticket on "i' kids play.

I know they're going- to give great effort.

I - think that's become the norm- here, thank goodness.

And our - effort will be good and cyber monday and he found it - our preparation will be good an- my heart is at ease about that.- and i know if you're cheaper today, there's hope you- going to get great effort, you- can't ask for anything else."

But if there was one more thing- on coach lee's wish list... - after can change or cancel your - - - - 24 years as the head man, at- picayune... it would be his - third gold ball... the program'- reservation without cost along first, since 20-13.

- quite the maroon tidal wave of - send-off that would be... a - cinderella story, i call the airline within 24 f yo- for the state's ninth - all-time winningest coach.

"it feels different in the locker - room.

You can tell it's his last hours.

Other ways to save set &- year, and we're going to do - it for him."

"i mean it's really like a fair tale.

But we're going to wake u- one day and i hope it's a alerts using aptly copper and - good ending.

I hope the clock - don't strike 12 on us."

Kayak for destinations you're - coach lee also says after all - the hard work his team has put- in... "let's not cheat oursevle interested in visiting and do - by going out and giving a less- effort than we've ever given."

14-0 picayune... and 14-1 west- point... will kick things off,- - - your research.

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