WSU Soccer ready for their amazing opportunity

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Published on December 5, 2019 -

WSU Soccer ready for their amazing opportunity

The Washington State Cougar soccer team has alreay made history, now they look for a national title.


WSU Soccer ready for their amazing opportunity

94.5 the washington state cougar soccer team is getting ready to head to san jose this weekend for an opportunity of a lifetime..an appearance in the college cup..our alyssa charslton has more with the history making cougs ella dederick: "i was in total shock, i just sat right down on the floor and stared up at the sky and was like, 'unreal,' i was so happy.

Averie collins: it was just surreal, like that's what we worked for all season.

It's crazy, it's definitely crazy.

Alyssa: that's what it feels like to make history.

And you can trust them...they've done it twice in two weeks...washington state soccer's first trip to the elite eight...and now to the final four.

Todd shulenberger: can't back down, we haven't done that yet all season.

If we go in and we're on the ropes, we gotta make sure we'll be able to fight back.

We're not a team that's to sit back and lay back, we're a team that's going to go forward and go after them.

Alyssa: that mentality is obvious on the field...for the other reasons that propelled the only unranked team into the final four..you have to dive deeper.todd shulenberger: one, the locker room's very good, you guys don't see that but it's a very tight-knit group.averie collins: they're your 22 best friends.

We spent two weeks together, and then we come home and we're all having dinner together, so we just can't get enough of each other.

Todd shulenberger: number two is we're athletic, we're big, we're strong.

When i put this team together, i knew we had to be a little different in this conference.

Alyssa: because it's the best in the nation for women's soccer...3 of the four remaining teams are from the pac12.

But that brutal schedule is worth it now... averie collins: playing in the pac 12 we've played a lot of the top 10 teams, so playing the south carolina, playing the virginia, it's nothing new.

And i think that's where the confidence comes from, it's like we've played on a big stage before and it's just another game.

Ella dederick: we know you can't take anyone lightly, it'll prepare us for moments, like we're in the final four and it's because we've played strong pac12 teams.alyssa: but the sixth year senior doesn't take any game lightly...this is her extra year of eligibility...after suffering a season ending injury last season.ella dederick: you know if i didn't get hurt, i wouldn't be here, and i wouldn't be able to be a part of history, so i just have been trying to think everything happens for a reason.alyssa: it's been a thrilling journey...but don't call them cinderella...this team...is not just happy to be here.todd shulenberger: it's a great accomplishment, but i know we're not done, and we'll give it everything we've got on friday.averie collins: we're fighters.

I think you see it every moment we step on it, every tackle, people put us at the ncaa top drawer, they expect us to lose and we're going to come back and fight and prove that we deserve to be here and we're going to win."

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