Tree of Life Ceremony

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
Tissue donors honored by loved ones and medical community

Tree of Life Ceremony

A donor is someone who gives a piece of themselves to help someone else, maybe even saving their life.

And it isn't an easy process.

Families of donors can find the holiday season tough... but trios is helping those them by celebrating their loved one's sacrifice and how they helped others.

Kapp-kvew's jamison keefover is out live in kennewick where trios has teamed up with donation partners to brighten the holiday season for those families.


Thank you carissa and jason.

I am at the tree of life event... an annual effort to celebrate donors and their families.... and for the first time ever - the event is being held in eastern washington.

The ceremony allows families, the staff that helped make the donation happen, and possibly even donor recipients - come together and put an ornament on the tree.

Trios was chosen for the after being awarded the 2018 operating room of the year award.

Their operating rooms were used in this effort - helping over a thousand lives.

Now back out here live.... one donor can help more than 150 lives.way to celebrate giving tuesday than to celebrate some of the incredible ways people in our community have given back.

This is jamison keefover, for kapp kvew local news, back to you guys.

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