cosmic crisp apples

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Published on December 5, 2019 -
cosmic crisp apples 630

cosmic crisp apples

These get these washington cosmic crisp apples before they're gone... because they are selling fast!

Thanks for staying with us i'm nia wong.

And i'm aaron luna.

The 3 apple..

Born and raised in washington..

Was released nationwide sunday -- and they're already being sold out.

Our nikki torres has more tonight.

13:59:04:00((ááálook live -- nikkiáá))we have three different apples in front of us.only one of the them is the cosmic crisp.little labels on them give it away.

But can you tell which one it is by taste?

We held a little focus group to find out.

---------------- we sat down these three ladies to taste some apples -- and see if the cosmic crisp can stand out in a crowd.each one took a bite and two out of the three were able to make the right call.

Identifying the slightly sweet apple with a hint of tartness..

The extra juicey cosmic crisp apples have been selling fast.

And they're being distributed nationwide, so the love is being shared.one produce manager at yoke's in spokane tried to order 50 cases of the apples for his store.but because they're so popular, he was only able to get 15.

12:09:02:00(sot/rob sippl/produce dept.

Manager, yoke's fresh markets)("i've just had them basically for a couple hours and i can see the results.

People are picking them up.

They're right here as they walk in the door, you can't miss them, and they are starting to sell fast.") 10if you miss out this time around, cosmic crisp growers are expected to come in next year with a much larger stock.

Growers only produced about 400-thousand 26-pound boxes this year...next year, they're projecting two-million.

Then by 20-26, they should be producing more than 21-millions boxes of cosmic crisp apples.reporting in spokane, i'm nikki torres, 4 news now.

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