63rd annual Kiwanis Pancake Day

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

63rd annual Kiwanis Pancake Day

It’s a yearly tradition for one local club that’s filled with pancakes and positive community action.


63rd annual Kiwanis Pancake Day

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- - it's a yearly tradition for one- local club that's filled with - pancakes and positive community- action.

- news 25's grant chighizola has- more on the kiwanis club's- pancake day.- - the smell of batter and a - - - - sense of community filled the - air in gulfport for a - long-running fundraiser - promoting good.

- for just six dollars, the publi- had the chance to enjoy - a pancake breakfast and support- community - organizations as a part of the- kiwanis club of gulfport's 63rd- annual pancake day.

- sot-donny fuller: - president-elect, kiwanis club o- gulfport- "we help the salvation army,- feed my sheep, and all those- just community- organizations."

- to put on such an event is a bi- undertaking.- kiwanis club volunteers arrived- well before sunrise - to make sure everything was in- order for the 12-hour event.- sot-donny fuller- "we'll serve almost, probably - close to 10,000 pieces of - sausage, more - pancakes than that, so probably- about 12,000 pancakes in all- today, and so it's a- - - - long day."- for kiwanis club board member - jenny gates, the sense of - community she witnessed at last- year's pancake- breakfast inspired her to make - difference as - well.

- sot-jenny gates: kiwanis club - board member- "as a matter of fact, last year- i was invited to this pancake - dinner as a guest, and seeing - all the people work together an- what kiwanis is capable of made- me join."

- for those who attended the- breakfast, supporting - those who give back so much to- city residents is an easy - decision.

- sot-lashaundra mccarty: public- information officer, city of- gulfport- "it matters that we continue to- show up and that we rally behin- those that are- really aiming to improve and- impact the community."- with upwards of 16 to 20- thousand dollars raised for the- programs they support, it's an- exciting holiday season for the- club.

- sot-donny fuller- "it makes you feel good that- you're doing stuff for people,- and doing stuff that people - look forward to and enjoy."

- in gulfport, grant chighizola,-

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