Parents hope 4J work session addresses school merger fears

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Parents hope 4J work session addresses school merger fears

Parents hope 4J work session addresses school merger fears

At 6" some parents are concerned... that their grade school students will be sharing a school with hundreds of middle schoolers next year... to make way for a new high school in eugene.

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The controversial merger of yujin gakuen and kelly middle school will be the topic of discussion at a 4j work session tomorrow.

Kezi 9 news reporter chris lueneburg is live in the studio with a look at what parents hope the board can accomplish.


Administrators tell us there's enough room for everybody at kelly middle school with a few minor renovations.

But some parents think that tight quarters aren't good for anybody's learning experience.

Looking forward to high school graduation, middle school seems ages ago... "eighth grade was four years ago."

But for brody schmidt, some experiences at kelly middle school stick out.

"6th grade it was actually pretty comfy there.

We weren't using all of the lockers.

There was plenty of room in the school.

7th grade it started to get a little crowded.

It was pretty hard to move around in passing periods.

In 8th grade it was just absurd.

Things are poised to get busier 307 yujin gakuen japanese immersion students joining 456 middle schoolers-- with no plans to add square footage.

"we're expecting enrollment to increase.

We're talking about more students in the classroom, larger class sizes, but with smaller square footage."

Parents are concerned that packed classrooms won't be a good learning environment.

"parents would really like to see additional space so that kids could continue to have an art classroom and so that the library isn't split up into 4 other different programs or clases."

Teachers mirror those concerns.

The eugene education association tells us its possible that the schools larger classrooms will be split in half... and with class sizes already at 30-35 students, it could get worse... parents fear the condtions could lead to teachers quitting."

"we've been hearing that a lot of them want to leave."

Teachers tell us they want guarentees that their jobs are safe if parents decide to move students to other schools.

Looking to the work session, parents tell me they are hoping for greater transperency... and any long-term plan whatoever.

"in terms of this project, what does success mean to them?

And how are they going to make sure that our students maintain and thrive?"

And it's worth noting that corridor elementary... which is also next to the high school... will be demolished too.

Students there will be moved to the current high school building.

Tomorrow's 5:30 work meeting will be a discussion of why the board chose to merge the schools instead of building a "bridge" school like they're doing in south eugene.

There will be another meeting on the 18th to have a look at plans for the transition.

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