Local non-profit celebrates Giving Tuesday

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Local non-profit celebrates Giving Tuesday

Today holds a lot of meaning for charitable organizations, as it is 'Giving Tuesday.'


Local non-profit celebrates Giving Tuesday

This tuesday holds a lot of meaning for charitable organizations..

Also known as giving tuesday.the movement started back in 20-12 -- as a day to encourage people to do good...whether that's donating to a cause, or just helping out a neighbor.

4 news now reporter katerina chryssafis spoke to a non-profit in town... Who shared what this day means to them.she's live with more.


Giving tuesday is a big day for donations...but when it comes to giving back, non-profit 'sleep in heavenly peace' says it's something they strive to do year-round.

Nats of wood00:25:52-00:25:54 it's a familiar sound for jan spackman and her husband randy 00:19:20-00:19:24we've built and delivered over 250 beds here in spokane.but these... 00:25:38-00:25:39natsaren't just any beds.00:17:00- 00:17:08we build and provide beds for children who don't have a bed of their own..

Who are sleeping on floors, couches, cushions.it's something many of us often don't realize..

Or even think of.00:18:55-00:19:01i was in shock that there are kids that don't have beds.

It's something that we all take for grantedadd some nats here if possiblejan also didn't realize it... Until her friend introduced her to 'sleep in heavenly peace'it inspired her to start her own chapter -- right here in spokane.

00:18:48-00:18:54i thought, wow.

You know, i've got the time, we've got the means, we've got the space to do something like that.

Nationally, the organization built nearly 26 thousand beds.

00:19:20-00:19:24we've built and delivered over 250 beds here in spokane.but they can't do it alone..the non-profit relies on donations and is run completely by volunteers 00:19:42-00:19:47that's kind of the driving factor behind what we can or can't produce, is funds available.its that money that allows the organization to provide not just a bed frame... But everything else that goes along with it.00:17:29-00:17:32 the bed is fully equipped and ready to sleep in when we leave the house.and although the labornats of wood??may not always come easy 00:23:27-00:23:32it just makes you feel good about life in general and that there's still good in this world.

The organization is always the organization the organization is always looking for extra volunteers.to find out how to you can get involved ,or if you need a bed... You can check out their facebook page.we'll leave the link on kxly.com.

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