Harrison Central High student receives big scholarship

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
One local student is celebrating after receiving some exciting college news.

Harrison Central High student receives big scholarship

- renovations and workforce - training- - one local student is celebratin- after recieiving- some exciting college news.

- seth nguyen is a senior at- harrison central high - school and is involved in - numerous organizations- like beta club, national honor- society, and mu alpha theta.- in recognition of his academic- excellence, seth recently - received a full-ride scholarshi- to stanford university worth- over $300,000 dollars through - the quest-bridge national - - - - college match program for high-- achieveing, low-income students- stanford was seth's top- ranked- college on his match list - of schools and he recalled the- moment he recieved the big- news.

- - "so, i opened my letter and i - immediately like, i screamed, i- was like 'mom, mom i got in', - and i ran downstairs- and my mom started crying and m- brother, yeah, it was, kind of- crazy."

- - - - seth plans to study

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