Seattle Seahawks make a visit to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital

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Seattle Seahawks make a visit to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital

Just a day after a huge win over the Vikings, the Seattle Seahawks make a visit to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital


Seattle Seahawks make a visit to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital

Several players from the seattle seahawks made a special visit to some of their biggest littliest fans in spokane.

There were smiles from ear to ear on patients' faces at sacred heart children's hospital... thanks to some football cheer.

Sports director keith osso joins us with the story.

Just about 16 hours after stepping off the field in victory against the vikings, a few members of the team were in spokane spreading love at sacred heart childrens hospital...bruised from the battle of the night, but thankful for the opportunity to be here... jacob hollister "obviously we woke up and i'm like man, i'm pretty sore and sitting in the training room going through treatment and everything but this is something you're not gonna regret going to because when everything gets put into perspective and you're sitting in the room with these kids and getting an opportunity like this, you never regret it."traci schneider "as a mom who had to stay just one night with my son in childrens hospital in seattle you know just a little bit about what kind of a challenge that is and how hard that is."it's a simple gesture to show up and meet people..but a humbling experience for players at the highest levelmalik turner "it's shocking the fact that we can come into a room and put smiles on somebody's faces you know, i think it's truely special."hollister "you think back to being a kid and how awesome it is to have people who have a platform come out and visit, and not only that, it's really something that's elightening for us to come."

The seahawks know they are looked up to because of their social status, but it's those players who leave inspired by the kids they meet.hollister "we go out there on sunday's and you're banged up after the game and stuff then you see these kids really fighting battles with the things they are going through, and it's just incredible, these kids are warriors."warriors like brody who today, like the seahawks got to celebrate a vicotry, but not over the vikings...over cancer.brodie "it means that cancer is over, it makes me feel good."

Schneider "oh my gosh that was amazing, so amazing, i kept looking at his mom and just thinking how important that is for her, and what a great day for them, it was very special."(singing and clapping) the seahawks took over first place with their win last night...today an example why they are number 1 in a lot of people's hearts around the northwest...nia

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