Breaker failures cause outages at Umpqua Valley Festival of Lights

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Breaker failures cause outages at Umpqua Valley Festival of Lights

Organizers say they experienced a series of breaker failures, which caused some power outages in displays.


Breaker failures cause outages at Umpqua Valley Festival of Lights

Organizers are offering free trips through the umpqua valley festival of lights after some light displays went dark.


But as kezi 9 news reporter evita garza shows us... some visitors don mind paying again.

Trt: 1:46 00:00 take lower david goff has visited the umpqua valley festival of lights his entire life.

Now&it's become a tradition for him and his son.

00:08 david goff, visitor, umpqua valley festival of lights: it cool seeing something so life live around here.

We don get very much around here since it such a small area?

Goff says he drove though on sunday night& and that's when he noticed something different.?there was an issue with one or two attractions, but other than that& it was fantastic?

Organizers say they had a series of breaker failures& which caused some light displays to turn off.

Theye not sure how the outages happened&but they say they weren notified until sunday after closing.

00:39 evita: organizers say more than 25 thousand visitors drive through this road to see these light fixtures every year.

Some of these fixtures are really old, that why crews are making it a priority to make sure the lights don go out again?

Organizers say they light more than 90 displays every holiday season.

They have 10 crew members working thoughout the day.

This week, they say crews will be focused on fixing the broken breakers for future vistors.

1:06 brian prawitz, spokesperson, umpqua valley festival of lights:?normal wear and tear take time to replace because we want a super high-quality event every year?

The festival of lights runs through january first.

It costs ten dollars to drive thorugh monday through friday.

If you were one of the visitors who drove through the outages, organizers say you can contact them through their facebook page to arrange a free trip.

But goff says he doesnb't mind paying again.?i love all of it in general.

The joy, the happiness, the magic of it all?

Instead, he says he sees the outages as an excuse to drive though again to experience the magic of the festival.

In roseburg, evita

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