Finding a reputable charity on Giving Tuesday

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Several websites can help you confirm that you're giving to a worthy charity.

Finding a reputable charity on Giving Tuesday

Tuesday-llvosot leah says " there's a few things you can do to make sure the money you donate, goes into the right hands."

If you want to donate on giving tuesday you first need to decide where.

Dee research?

Once you find the one head to guide-star-dot-org this is a great resource to see how the organization helps people and how your money will help.

Or you can go to the bbb giving alliance.

This website shows if charities meet the right standards.

The ceo of united way says giving a donation today doesn't have to be big.

Dee ann i think whatever it is you care about today is a nice day to just pause for a moment and take a chance to make good in the world.

United way is one of the many non- profits in southern oregon.

One of the focuses is to help every kid graduate from high school.

Tonight on newswatch 12 at 6 you will hear from another non-profit about why today is so valuable.

In medford leah thompson newswatch 12.

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