Colbert County looks for a solution to Cassie Davis Street flooding

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Colbert County looks for a solution to Cassie Davis Street flooding

Colbert County looks for a solution to Cassie Davis Street flooding

Dollar bond.

A shoals road is still underwater after four inches of rain flooded the area this weekend.

You're taking a live look at cassiedavis street!

The colbert county road is located near the town of leighton.

But - the county is working on a plan to stop flooding in that area.

Waay31's breken terry is live to walk us through what those are.

I am here on cassie davis street but you can see it's underwater.


The county just bought land on this street -- and says that's the first step in coming up with a plan to stop this flooding.

Mitchell- it's bad the last couple of times.

Kenneth mitchell lives on cassie davis street.

His home is one of the 5 affected by the flooding.

He said when it rains his front yard turns into a lake -- but his neighbors get it worse.

Mitchell- you never know about nature and you just hope for the best.

You can see mitchell's neighbors driving down their driveway here- with the water almost reaching the tops of the tires.

Mitchell- for the neighbors down the road they really get the worst end of this.

The colbert county road engineer told me they recently purchased this piece of property for about $1,000, because it has a sinkhole on it.

Now that the county owns the land - they can use it to come up with a plan to stop the flooding on cassie davis.

Mitchell- i'm glad the county has got involved more now.

It's been in question for years.

The road engineer said the county is talking with multiple engineering firms to come up with a flooding solution, but the talks are in early stages.

Mitchell is excited to see what they come up with.

Mitchell- i'm hopeful they can come up with a well plan that can solve this and please everyone involved in it.

None of this water you see got into anyone's homes this time.

The road engineer told me once they have a plan in place they will be updating people who live here along cassie davis street.

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