Cosmic Crisp Apple Now In Stores

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Wenatchee-made apple 20 years in the making

Cosmic Crisp Apple Now In Stores


A "sweet" accomplishment for w-s-u.

This week, their tree fruit research center released their new cosmic crisp apple.

It's now on store shelves.

Only 450 thousand boxes are available this year -- and washington state got their hands on them.

Locally, you can find them at safeway, albertson's and yoke's.

Two decades in the making -- the wenatchee-made apple will keep its texture and flavor in storage for over a year.

And now, apple-lovers can take a bite of w-s-u's success.

(eric templeton/assistant manager, yoke's "it's a big deal for washington.

It's a big deal for yoke's.

Our store, you know, we like to have local stuff.

All of our customers around here love our local produce.

We're so privileged to have this apple in ours.") cosmic crisp is a cross between an enterprise and honeycrisp apple.

The name comes from the yellow- like dots on the skin, which look like stars.


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