sit down interview with beshear

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
andy beshear talks about governor role

sit down interview with beshear

C1 3 inaugurated a week from today.

Abc 36's christy bollinger sat down with him for our first one-on-one interview since the election and they covered a lot of ground...from his ambitious agenda to how to pay for it.

"what kind of governor do you want to be?"

"i want to be a caring, a thoughtful, productive governor for all kentuckians.

Whether people voted for me or not i want to do a good job by them."

Next week, governor-elect andy beshear will be sworn in as the state's highest- ranking officer.

I asked him what comes next after that day..

"in the first seven days that i'm governor we're going to reorganize the board of education to ensure that it's members support public education.

We're gonna restore the voting rights to all non-violent felons that have served out their termas over 140,000 people.

We're gonna rescind the medicaid waiver which would remove healthcare from 95,000 kentuckians and we're gonna save about 200,000 million dollars while we're doing it."

Beshear says he also wants to change the tone in frankfort... as he puts it..

Restore civility.

'we have an opportunity to truly lead.

To show people that we can be a model of civility.

That when we agree, let's enjoy it and move forward.

When we disagree no more name calling, we don't need to make each other miserable."

He's an advocate for public education...long before he ran for governor....and before making promises to teachers during the campaign.

"a $2,000 across the board raise is gonna be in my first budget.

That's to address a teacher shortage that is hurting our students but that's also because i believe no teacher should be living in poverty or relative poverty by doing work that we desperately need them to do."

And he's promised to protect teachers' pensions.

But how is he going to do all this?

And, who's going to pay for it?

"there's never gonna be enough money for everything we need to do.

So let's lead with our values.

Mine start with public education.

We're gonna do what needs to be done to move our education system forward, to give opportunity for all our kids to make sure we're not failing one of them."

Despite beshear's vocal support of public education....he's been criticized for sending his own children to private school.

"my kids got an opportunity that all kids should that's to go to preschool.

So my kids in preschool went to a school that my family fell in love with so they're gonna finish out elementary there.

My son is going to be going to a public middle school next year."

Beshear knows he has many challenges ahead...including how he's going to work with a republican- controlled legislature..

And attor ney general's office to avoid political gridlock....and he's optimistic that can happen.

'we started our initial converstaions and i think we've all agreed to wipe the slate clean.

Let's start fresh, all of us with each other with how we interact.

Let's try to do this right.

I think everybody sees our opportunity here."

He says these meetings have been good..


"we know some areas that we'll disagree on.

We don't talk about em right now.

Let's establish the areas we know we can move forward in."

And that journey begins next tuesday.

At the state capitol.... "i'm ready.

I'm ready to get to work."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

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