Changes to Pasco dog laws

Video Credit: KVEW
Published on December 4, 2019 -
Minor provisions made to Pasco dog laws

Changes to Pasco dog laws


It's now easier to own a "potentially dangerous dog" if you live in pasco.> city councilmembers approved changes to their dog breed laws last night.

...voting to add provisions to their current ordinance.

To comply with a new law taking effect next month, the city has included another test for dogowners.

(zach ratkai/community service director, city of pasco "this essentially gives the public more options, and the pasco residents additional options to go get their animals tested, should it be required.") with that addition is a re-testing option where dogs can re-test if they don't pass the first time.

Advocates of breed specific legislation also attended the meeting, urging council members to get rid of b-s-l altogether.

Ratkai said the city council will discuss the idea at a later date.

Currently, pit bulls are automatically deemed "potentially

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