Pasco Police Have Cameras For One Year

Video Credit: KVEW
Published on December 4, 2019 -
The impact its made on the department and the community

Pasco Police Have Cameras For One Year

The crash.

It's been one year since pasco police launched their body cameras.

The department said having them has had a positive impact.

Police officials say the videos add more evidence to criminal cases for the courts.

Officers can also access the video on their phone to recall details of a response prior to writing their report.

Police say most importantly, it's adding another layer of protection to the community.


Jeff harpster/pasco police department "it ensures the safety of our officers, the safety of our community as well, and ensures that we're being proactive in what we're doing here as a police department and staying transparent with our community.") the cameras also have the ability to review video if a complaint against an officer is made.

Recently -- someone made one.

Harpster said video evidence showed a completely different series of events than what the person said.

For the future, police hope to get their hands on more "axon body cam" technology.

Only a few of their cameras automatically turn on when their police lights are on, which can activate other nearby

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