Hartselle City Schools get more protection

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Hartselle City Schools get more protection

Hartselle City Schools get more protection

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More security is set for schools in the city of hartselle.

The school district is adding two new "protection officers."

Waay 31's ashley carter found out how an experiment earlier this year is leading to safer schools.

Dan and nahaje i'm standing outside of hartselle high school and you can see i'm standing in front of this police car right here.

Now they are one of the high schools that do have their own police office monitoring and protecting them throughout the school day.

But now with the two additional officers that are coming to the school system...every school is going to have a police car parked out front just like this one.

Pkg chief justin barley, hartselle police "unfortunately bad things happen at schools, and that happens all across our country."

A scary reality parents with school aged children face everyday.

Hartselle police chief justin barley told me before this school year...the district used a total of two resource officers.

One at the high school and one at the junior high.

This school year, the district added what it called "protection officers."

Because the first two succeeded, the school board found the money to add two more.

Chief justin barley, hartselle police "the addition of these two new positions, we can put an officer to each campus and that's where they will focus and spend the entire day melissa bright is a mother of four...one who is fourth student at fourth grader at f-e burleson elementary.

She says as a mother news like this is always a good to hear melissa bright, parent: "it's a positive influence on the kids all the way around so i like the idea."

She says it's nice to know the school district is taking steps in the right direction to protect students melissa bright, parent: "things are much different than they were 40 years ago when i was in school so yeah it's a big deal."

In hartselle...ashle y carter...waay 31 news.

The chief says the two new officers will be retirees.

He says it's not only a safety benefit for them and the schools... it's also financially good for the police department because it dosen't have to hire a full-time officer for the job new information on former president jimmy carter.

The 95-year-old

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