Madison police officers to be trained in new technique to take down suspect as a team

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Madison police officers to be trained in new technique to take down suspect as a team

All Madison Police Department officers are being trained in a new tactic to take down a violent, resisting suspect.


Madison police officers to be trained in new technique to take down suspect as a team

All madison police officers are being trained in a new technique to take down a resisting suspect.

Police say they've learned from recent trends, and have found a training that will keep officers and the suspect more safe.

Amanda quintana is here with more on what's changing.

M-p-d was recently trained in this technique by officers in st.

Paul, minnesota.

Over the last three years the madison police use of force coordinator has been looking at use of force incidents and trends... finding they were using techniques that had a higher chance of injury for the officer and the suspect.

This new tactic - is aimed at changing that.

((("nats 47:54 get off of me!

Take the legs!

I got the legs.

Down down down.

00"))) this is the new way to take down a violent suspect in madison.

((("nats 48:10 (flipping him) i'm not going anywhere, i'm not going anywhere 12"))) the end result - them being face down and cuffed.

But it only works with multiple officers.

((("nats 48:19 this hand is clear "))) wisconsin's statewide defense and arrest tactics manual trains officers to work as individuals.

But as sgt.

Kimba tieu shows today's class.

Two officers with the same intention of taking down a suspect --- still using training meant for an individual --- just doesn't work as well.

((("nats 59:08 emily is thinking hey this person is out of control, we need to take them to the ground and she goes left, what happens to the subject?

13"))) they end up pulling different directions, tieu calls it wishboning.

((("59:25 we're working off of trained technique - what the state told us to do, but we didn't work it effectively 27"))) and it often leaves more chance for injury - to the officer and suspect.

((("44:03 the biggest component i think is encouraging our officers and giving them the tools to act as a team when we have the luxury of having multiple officers 11"))) acting chief vic wahl says unlike many of the state's smaller department, this team tactic will really come in handy for the small amount of calls that do require use of force.

((("34:52 it's not a replacement for the state defense and arrest tactic system, it's a suplement to it.

56"))) this simple change - means instead of going to quickly fight or strike.

Together - officers take the time to get the dominant position.

((( , " nats "))) this tactic is for someone that is violently resisting, but it wouldn't be used for someone with a weapon - that would cause officers to

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