OCJ inmates create art

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

OCJ inmates create art

The artistic talents of the Oneida County Jail inmates will be on display this holiday season.


OCJ inmates create art

40s.colder weather returns on wednesday, with windy conditions and lake effect snow.

Highs in the 20s.

Holiday artwork from the oneidaoty jail will grace the desks of more than 100 local businesses this christmas.

While their freedom is restricted, the inmates' artistic talents cannot be contained.

And-they're representing the sheriff's department this holid season.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris tells us how.

Stand up "they gave a handful of inmates a handful of colored pencils and something pretty cool....beautiful, actually, came out of the oneida county jail" nat33:57 'i usually use a pencil to get my lines right" anthony pierce is in the oneida county jail for olating his parole on a burglary 2nd charge.

But put a pen or pencil in his hand...and the inmate gives way to the artist nat34:01 'and then i go over" anthony took part in a contest at the oneida county jail.

The winning design goes on the official sherifs office christmas cards, mailed to organizations and agenesthe dep business with, paid for by the sheriff's law enforcement foundation; no taxpayer dollars involved.these are the entries and as you can see-there is some serious artistic talent in the inmate population of the oneida county jail.

Anthony won the contest, chosen, by sheriff's office staff.

31:33 "honestly, i do a lot of art work and i never had something like this.

It actually made me feel good.

" 31:37 "honestly, it made me feel good" oneida county sheriff robert maciol loves christmas.

He's also a fan of anything that allowsinmates to e of their time in the oneida county jail...52 obviously, more importantly, it's a they don't want to be here.

They made a miake.

They'r their mistake and this is one little way for us to reward them for following the rules while they're here and it's obviously, more importantly, it's a way for them t give back to the community in a positive light" this is the nneanthony's drawing of a christmas tree, with a sheriff's star as the top, and law-enforcement- related ornaments.

His drawing will be made into

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