Loogootee public library is open for business

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Loogootee public library is open for business

Loogootee public library is open for business

Wabash valley community has a new library to enjoy.

News 10 bureau chief gary brian takes us inside loogootee's new building.

Pk} "loogootee has needed a new library for years.

As you can see behind me...the project to build a new building has completed and the library is open for business."

Wednesday afternoon jennifer zehr tidied up the childrens room at the loogootee public library.

Zehr moved to the small community from texas to be the library's childrens librarian.

"eventually we got the funding and i was able to move up here to start a regular position."

The childrens librarian is one of the many new things with the new building.

Giving residents and kids a like more resources in the small community.

"we're going to offer so much for the community.

They were already offering so much but now we can offer even more now that we have the space."

Everything was moved from the old building to the new in just two days.

It's a process that required a lot from a few.

"the first day i walked in, when they had i think twenty some in here, it was overwhelming."

"it just looks better then what we even imagined.

With the metal shelves and just so much space."

A 1.1 million dollar usda loan provided the funding.

For over a year the library has been fundraising to pay for the downpayment of 200,000 dollars.

Not too long ago that goal was met.

Staff now can concentrate on bringing new programs and new opportunities to the small community.

"the kids just love it.

They go in there and they don't want to leave.

Their parents are having to like drag them out because they're having so much fun."

In loogootee, gary brian news 10.

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