Angel Tree and Toybox

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Angel Tree and Toybox

We spoke with a miam-uh, oklahoma family benefiting from one of those groups: the ottawa county angel tree


Angel Tree and Toybox

Kate: we are still taking your calls for our 31-st annual toybox campaign.

Please call in and make those donations.

We've heard from the number is at the bottom of your screen.

It's 1-888-620-4toy.

Any donation helps -- big or small.

We've heard from callers in newton county, jasper, ottawa and crawford, but we want to hear more.

Challenge your friends or coworkers to match your donations -- or donate in the memory of someone you love.

We take your donations and shop for toys for area kids who are really in need of a merry christmas, so let's get those phones ringing!

Kate: each year koam partners with dozens of local organizations to make christmas merrier for children through our annual toybox campaign.

I spoke with a miam-uh, oklahoma family benefiting from one of those groups: the ottawa county angel tree.

Shanna bass is a single mother of two---and while she enjoys the christmas season, it can be tough to pay for all the things she wants to give to her children.

"it makes any parent feel bad because they just wanna give to their kids, they just wanna give their kids the best that they can and sometimes they can't do it and it's not a good feeling."

For the past few years, though, bass has been the recipient of the goodwill of the community.

Through donations collected with koam's annual toy drive, christmas morning is joyful.

"watching their face, open presents, that makes me really happy and it makes me feel good because i had help with the presents for my kids.

So it's really fun to see them laughing and smiling and the wrapping paper going all over the place."

Nats: "i'm gonna add on to this."

Bass' family is thankful for the generosity of others, knowing that kindness is the greatest gift of all.

"it's doing what the bible tells us to do, to help our fellow man."

"kids around the world don't get gifts like us."

For bass, and countless others, the holidays are less stressful---knowing she can count on the community to help keep her kids' toybox full.

"i mean, i'm thankful from the bottom of my heart.

I mean without them, there's a lot of people that wouldn't be able to afford christmas."

Kate: ottawa county angel tree is a group effort on the part of n-e-o community college, miamuh police and fire---along with other area agencies.

It provides toys and needed items each year for children from birth to seventeen years of age.

---and the koam toybox is proud to partner with them.

Kate: our operators are still standing by waiting to take your calls.

We still haven't heard from .

We do have donations from .

Your donations are greatly appreciated.

So many families are struggling..

Your donation help them have one less thing to worry about this holiday season.

Again -- call-in make and those donations.

That phone number again is 1-888-620-4toy.

Dowe, back to you.

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