beshear interview

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
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beshear interview

As governor-elect andy beshear prepares to be sworn-in a week from today...abc 36's christy bollinger sat down with him for a one-on-on interview.

And they covered a lot of ground...including how beshear plans to....as he put it....change the tone in frankfort.

In his first seven days as governor, andy beshear wants to change the tone in frankfort...as he puts it...to restore civility.

'we have an opportunity to truly lead.

To show people that we can be a model of civility.

That when we agree, let's enjoy it and move forward.

When we disagree no more name calling, we don't need to make each other miserable."

Beshear knows he has many challenges ahead...including how he's going to work with a republican- controlled legislature..

And attorney general's office to avoid political gridlock....and he's optimistic that can happen.

'we started our initial converstaions and i think we've all agreed to wipe the slate clean.

Let's start fresh, all of us with each other with how we interact.

Let's try to do this right.

I think everybody sees our opportunity here."

He says these meetings have been good..


"we know some areas that we'll disagree on.

We don't talk about em right now.

Let's establish the areas we know we can move forward in."

We all know the contentious relationship beshear had as a-g, with governor matt bevin.

He wants his relationship with attorney general- elect daniel cameron..

To be different.

"i think that he and i both want a relationship where we can talk and we won't always agree."

Beshear and bevin's many legal battles grabbed headlines...but beshear says that kind of adversarial relationship is often the norm.

"an ag has had to sue a governor on something just about every term even when everybody was in the same party.

Just because we might not agree on an ultimate position of law and we have to go the courts to settle it again, doesn't mean we have to be disagreeable.

That's the process."

Despite spending the last four years as political enemies....beshear says since the election...his relationship with bevin has improved.

"he has been very good in advising his folks about the transition and to work with us.

So we're looking forward to being ready on day one and the governor is helping to enable that to happen."

At the state capitol.... "i'm ready.

I'm ready to get to work."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.


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