Opioid Task Force Summit restructures operations

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Opioid Task Force Summit restructures operations

The Oneida County Opioid Task Force is taking new steps at combating opioid addictions.


Opioid Task Force Summit restructures operations

Comb, go through all those reports.

A lot of those reports are pretty lengthy" naythen aubain's next court date is january 8th.

The oneida county opioid task force is restructuring for better efficiency.

Newschannel 2's kirk tupaj tells us what their new objectives are.

The oneida county opioid task force is now re- focusing their attention on prevention, response, recovery, and treatment.

The change comes at a time en the prlem isn't showing signs of slowing down.

Sot: anthony pte, oneida county executive we had another spike this past week, so we're dealing with numbers that are just astronomical, and everybody's dealing with the same thing.

The task force met at suny poly to develop goals, strategies, and break down into teams to maximize their effeiveness.

Oneida county sheriff rob maciol talked about how specific action plans can help combat targeted areas of concern.

Sot: sheriff rob maciol, oneida county by using the crime alys center, by using od mapping, by everyone sharing information, we can almost see trends coming across the state, so if something is happening out west where it tends haen first,e know its coming.

We can prepare.

Addiction comes with social stigmas that are difficult to overcome.

Many people don't understand is who the addicts really are.

Sot: je county department of mental health 're working really hard to change the stigma of addiction.

A lot people ill go with that it's not going to happen to me or annin my famy, and it's other people, and they need to realize that it is in your family, it is your neighbors, it's our teachers, it's our .anyone in our community can be affected.

The task force couldn't be restructuring at a better time.

The new bail reform laws are likely going to change the way addiction treatmentse addressed.

Inmates at the county jail will soon have to fight theiaddictions on their time.

Sot: sheriff rob maciol, oneida county these people who have an issue with heroin, their families arem out because while they're with us, thare cl1st, that's not g treatment whether it be vivitror y of the otr programthatwe offer.

I can guarantee them to be safe.

I can almost guarantee them to be clean, and we can provide them treatment.

When they get released on january 1st, that's not going to happen.

While there are over 60 departments represented in the opioid task force,

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