pregnant horse found shot

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
gives birth on thanksgiving

pregnant horse found shot

Told you about a horse found shot in eastern kentucky.

A group in nicholasville rescued her.

We sent abc 36's christy bollinger to check in on her today.

And she found not only is the mare, tammy, doing great...she's also bringing new life to those who saved hers.

I first visited with tammy on halloween.

Then, i couldn't show you the pictures of how she was found in perry county...because they were just too graphic.

Pause she was found shot twice in her backside.

The kentucky equine adoption center stepped in and saved her.

Clearly she needed help and clearly there was nobody else to do that over there so we were happy to step in," at first, they were so focused on fixing her gunshot wounds...they didn't realize tammy wasn't the only life they were saving.

"when dr. waldridge reached in to do an internal examination he discovered a nose and a foot so tammy had a surprise for us."

The vet estimated tammy would give birth in four months...but less than a month later.... "our assistant barn manager virginia came in early thanksgiving morning but when she checked on tammy low and behold there was a surprise in the stall."

A thanksgiving surprise..

Vet: "i thought she was only 7 months...horses are pretty good at proving you wrong."

... and miracle.

Tammy not only survived, but brought new life to those so thankful she did.

And to honor that, the non-profit named the new foal jose...after their trainer's beloved horse of 30 years... had to be put down the day before thanksgiving....the day before this jose made his way into the world.

We're so glad to be able to name our new jose after abby's horse the adoption center says both tammy and jose are doing wonderfully... 'some of us are having some trouble like me actually getting any work done because we want to be out here with tammy and jose."

...a fresh start for the season dedicated to re- birth.

In nicholasville, christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

A great addition to the farm...the first foal there since 2017.

But there are more costs than expected now... if you'd like to help the non-profit....you can donate money, hay, feed, and other supplies.

Find out how on w- t-v-q dot com.

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