Huntsville Office Space Maxing Out Due To Growth

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Huntsville Office Space Maxing Out Due To Growth

Office space is in high demand, and at 95% capacity with new businesses coming to the area continually.


Huntsville Office Space Maxing Out Due To Growth

Co-champ -- erin howard.

New at six -- over the next few years - nearly 6- thousand jobs are set to come to the rocket city.

Today -- we found out that's maxing out the city's office space market!

Colliers international - a real estate company with an office in huntsville told us we are at 95-percent capacity for office space.

Waay-31s alexis scott spoke with one new business in downtown huntsville about how they're growing in the competitive market.

With construction happening virtually every where in huntsville... most would equate dirt pounds and cranes to something being done away with.

But here it means more collaborative and multi- functional spaces.

Cole rickles, founder of checkle "huntsville actually wants us to win, instead of it's just us out here by ourselves trying to win," cole rickles is the co-founder of a happy hour deal finder app in huntsville.

He knows just how much growth is happening and thinks the city is doing all they can to accommodate for fresh minds who need help.

Like supplying several different collaborative spaces for people like him to use.

Kim lewis, co-founder innovate huntsville "huntsville is going to continue to grow.

We've got to put the resources behind it as a city and as a whole to watch that growth happen.

If everybody is working together, i think we can make that happen," kim lewis is the co-founder of innovate huntsville.

The group organizes events to help entreprenuers in the city.

She told me the demand is high for collaborative spaces like this but loves to see how the city is adapting.

There's the crunkleton development near the square and the constellation ave development near big spring park... and that's not all.

Kim lewis, co-founder innovate huntsville "entrepreneurs are one of things that will continue make this city grow.

I mean we have a lot of great industries coming in," lewis told me there's nearly 14-thousand jobs coming to huntsville and every one of them has to stand out.

Colliers real estate told me the change makes huntsville look vibrant.

They say supply and demand is the name of the game and so far, we're winning..

Especially when it comes to diverse companies like checkle.

Cole rickles, founder of checkle "restaurants, more buisness and it'll help consumers who are looking for food and drink specials into places and actually good deals going on around them," the office space here on holmes avenue will be completed in february and will soon be open to the public.

The several other developments around huntsville will be open come 20- 20 reporting in huntsville, alexis scott waay-31 news.

Collier real estate said the only "hard part" about this growth right now is that businesses that want to renovate a building might have a two-year

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