Oneida County gets $600K for opioid prevention

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Oneida County gets $600K for opioid prevention

The Oneida County Opioid Task Force will use the grant money for prevention and recovery efforts.


Oneida County gets $600K for opioid prevention

Still a need for outside help.

We'll tell you how to get involved tonight at six.

In marcy, i'm kirk tupaj reporting fonewschannel 2.

The opioid epidemic is affecting more than just those with addiction.

There's a price tag on prevention, recovery, and treatment, as well as education.

Oneida county was one of six communities in the country to receive a six hundred thousand dollar grant aimed at preventing and reducing overdose deaths.

The county matched the money for a total of one million two hundred thousand dollars, but that doesn't compare to the amount of money spent toombat drug addictions.

Sot: anthony picente, oneida county exetivewhen you total in departments that are involved, just on te couy end, not counting private and not-for-profit agencies that do this, you're talking in the millions.

Probably $30-40 million if not more all total of what's being spent on this just in this county alone.

The county is having success with their investment in narcan training programs. all county employees were given the opportunity to

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