Retailers Concerned About Fake Money

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
Published on December 4, 2019 -

Retailers Concerned About Fake Money

Stores are being extra vigilant about fake currency during the holiday shopping season.


Retailers Concerned About Fake Money

The sheriff's office.

With the holiday shopping season in full swing -- we wanted to see if local businesses are extra vigilant about customers using fake cash -- so we sent waay 31's ashley carter to get those answers.

The batteries & bulbs store in southwest huntsville is booming with customers this time of year.

A lot of those customers don't use paper currency marlon hicks, batteries & bulbs employee: "a lot of our transactions are with credit cards."

But the store implements an extra security measure when they do look live: "now when the employees do get money it only takes a second for them to know if the money they just got is fake, all they have to do is take this bill marker and draw a line on the bill.

You can see that it's yellow right here, that means that it's real.

If that weren't the case, it would have been black instead.

Managers are urging them to take that extra second to do this to make sure that they avoid counterfeit transactions."

<video over sound marlon hicks, batteries & bulbs employee: "it's very important that we do take that extra minute to do it.

Marlon hicks, batteries & bulbs employee: "counterfeit money means we lose sales, we lose sales which means we're not making enough to take care of other things that the store definitely needs."

But with crowded stores to maintain...and a lot of customers to take care of....remembering to take that extra second could be a lot harder than it seems. hicks says it's disappointing that the holiday season brings about this kind of concern...and he hopes the sheriff's office is able to identify the suspect marlon hicks, batteries & bulbs employee: "there's better ways to make money and spend money so if you could just do it the right way the first time you won't have any troubles at all."

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