Golden Apple Award: Jessica Honsey

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Published on December 4, 2019 -
Honsey is a teacher at Stewartville High School.

Golden Apple Award: Jessica Honsey

Its time to recognize a local teacher who empowers her students through music.

Kimt news three's maleeha kamal introduces us to this weeks golden apple award recipient.

"she teaches her student to march to the beat of their own drum.

This weeks golden apple recipient is jessica honsey.

Lets go congratulate her."

Nats: cheering.

Hi you were nominated for the golden apple award and you won."

And this room full of students agree that jessica honsey is deserving of the award.

Nats: playing the trumpet.

Student sot: mrs. honsey is one of my favorite teachers because she is really good at bridging the gap between school and home and so she cares a lot about how we work as a band and how we socialize together and so its always an happy environment."

And despite being popular with her students it was actually this faculty member that nominated mrs. honsey .

Faculty sot "she puts in so much time and effort working with the kids."

"i never anticipated or expected this."

Nats: honsey has been a teacher for 21 years and for the most part has taught band.

She share what makes her teaching style so special.

Jessica honsey sot "i enjoy music its one of my passions congratulatio ns to jessica honsey.

If you have a teacher you'd like to nominate, it's easy enough, you can do so on our website under the community tab.


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