Decking the hallways in holiday cheer

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

Decking the hallways in holiday cheer

One teacher at West Elementary School in Gulfport has transformed the halls into a winter wonderland.


Decking the hallways in holiday cheer

Projec- - one teacher at west elementary- school in gulfport has- transformed the halls into a- winter wonderland.- this is the second year - alexandra waldrop has - gone above and beyond to bring- some christmas cheer to her 2nd- and 3rd grade students.

- but this year she wants to go - all out, since this is the firs- year after the merge with - students from the former- gaston point elementary and a - lot of students don't have this- much cheer at home.

- while the students were off for- thanksgiving- break last week waldrop, along- with some help from other - teachers and friends worked lon- hours to get the halls- ready for the students to - return.

- the display is equipped with- santa's workshop, - ruldoph and his friends,- christmas trees and all kinds o- holiday magic.- - alexandra waldrop/2nd and 3rd - special inclusion teacher:"its- been a- good reaction from everyone and- i just seen nothing but smiles- and happiness - since everyone got back and i - think we really really needed - that.

Because - everyone has been working their- tales off this year to make thi- merge a success and - - - - to make west elementary an even- better place and we always call- ourselves - the west family and so just to- bring everybody together."- waldrop did not have to spend a- dime on the display either..

It- was all thanks to some

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