Health officials urge you to protect the vulnerable by getting flu shot

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Health officials urge you to protect the vulnerable by getting flu shot

Health officials urge you to protect the vulnerable by getting flu shot

In the past three years... nearly 80 percent of flu- related deaths were children.

That's according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

Waay31's megan reyna shows us why health officials here in madison county say the key to lowering this percentage... is to get your child vaccinated.

To vaccinate or not?

Mos:"everyone should be vaccinated against the flu."

A question that many families face every flu season.

For mother... nicki thompson... her 14 year old will be getting the flu shot.

However... she believes it's up to the parents.

Thompson says:"if they make the decision not to vaccinate their family then they need to remain extremely diligent when they're around other people, who may be more prone to picking up illness this time of year."

That group includes children and elderly.

So far ... the c-d-c reports five kids across the u-s have died from the flu this season.

Last season there were 143 pediatric deaths nationwide lomax says:"those are our vulnerable population because the immunity is decreased."

Shelbrina lomax has been a nurse for more than 20 years.

She's never been a skeptic of the flu shot... but she is skeptical of stories like thompson's thompson says:"the one time i got the flu shot, guess what i got the flu."

Lomax says the shot does not give you the flu...but it also doesn't completely protect you.

However she says it can lessen severity of symptoms and that can ultimately save lives.

Lomax says:"the best way to protect yourself is to get the flu vaccine."

Megan says:"if you still need your vaccination, like myself, you can head over to the health department monday through friday starting at 8 a-m.

Reporting in madison county megan reyna waay31 news."

So far... no pediatric deaths have been reported in alabama.

The c-d-c recommends that children even as young as 6 months old.

Can be vaccinated.

Alabama is one of the 5 states that saw the highest level of flu activity.

Here you can see significant influenza activity was detected in most districts in the state.

In north alabama, the percent of patients visiting the doctor with flu like illness is just below the threshold of concern.

But there have been confirmed cases within

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