Midmorning With Aundrea - December 4, 2019 (Part 1)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - December 4, 2019 (Part 1)

(Part 1 of 2) Pediatrician Dr. Keith Watson joins Aundrea to discuss the importance of getting a good night's sleep, especially for children.

And we take a look at a program designed to forgive healthcare debts.

And high in the Rocky Mountains is a secret monument honoring fallen soldiers


Midmorning With Aundrea - December 4, 2019 (Part 1)

We'll be right back.a odgohtig a good night's sleep.

Why is it so important- especially for your children.

And, an up-close look at a unique monument honoring war veterans.

Plus, we're making pies with proof bakery in starkville.

Midmorning starts right now.

How did you sleep last night?

A good night's rest is important at any age, but it can be especially critical for school-aged children.

In addition to affecting performance in school, poor sleep habits could contribute to adhd symptoms. pediatrician dr. keith watson is here.

Andrew raborn >> in it's critically important that we get enough sleep but are still growing so there is no body metabolism membrane is developing these creatures are going to be big creatures they actually required actually surprised that the required amount to her knees and says around 10 hours for younger children you knew going in like 20 hours a day children school aged children 6 to 12 require a minimum of nine hours sleep routines alike to stay up late pages 13 seven team ... it's hard for them to bed on time it's tough to get them to bed on time for days like daylight saving ... it's a little more freedom to stay up is it your recommendation to be sure they get this adequate sleep it's very important to have a bedtime routine especially if children have difficulties sleep they go to sleep.

If your bedtime is a different is harder for your body to online and slow down ... you do that every night body gets into that routine and you go to sleep easier ... now what about leaving the tv on when you're going to sleep and actually ended up sleeping keeps you from going to sleep is easy ... in fact we pediatricians recommend prior to bed no electronics for roughly an hour totally parenting they are out here ... or how could this the children who suffer from adhd entered into the onset of it makes them worse the symptom but you can also create challenges do not get enough sleep ... had a hat add in it a 50% increase to focus to organize their thoughts were to even have an energy to do so children who don't get enough sleep don't want to do homework can do homework have difficulties organizing their thoughts and those are symptoms of adhd ... and those are problems that happen at school so they need to talk to your doctor about it just maybe they're not getting enough sleep and you have adhd in the user are getting enough sleep really is to establish aone the one of the best gifts of all - a little breathing room.

That story next on mid morning.

It a sso it's a season of giving - and a church in alabama says it's giving some families the "deb free" gift andrew donely has the story from birmingham.

It's a season of giving - and a church in alabama says it's giving some families the "deb free" gift andrew donely has the story from birmingham.

:21 - :27 alesis turner former healthcare debtor :37 - :50 cameron nations st.

Lukes church according to online data, the average person spends about ten-thousand dollars a year on healthcare.

Twenty-six percent of those say they have problems paying those bills.

During his college years, alesis turner was one of those people.

Alesis turner, former healthcare debtor: "it was a challenge for us an eventually was something we were able to grow out of and pay off."

However, many people never can.

Alesis turner, former healthcare debtor: "they go to the hospital an often times it's interfering with work so you can't even earn the money to pay off the bills."

That's where st.

Lukes episcopal church in birmingham is stepping in.

They partnered with rip medical debt to pay off medical debt for those who need it most.

Cameron nations, st.

Lukes church: "the rip buys medical deb directly from hospitals for pennies on the dollar and so their average return for every dollar you donate to rip, they're able to forgive 100 dollars worth of medical debt which is just insane."

What's even more "insane" the response st.

Lukes saw from the community.

First they thought they would at least be able to cover birmingham, with more than ten thousand dollars in donations.

However, money kept pouring in - even after the 6-week deadline.

Cameron nations, st.

Lukes church: "when it's all said and done, w hope to have forgiven about seven and a half million dollars-plus of medical debt."

That's enough to cover 14 counties across the state, giving families a life-changing gift this holiday season.

A nume a monument stands sentry high in the mountains.

That story ahead on mid morning.

Hidd hig hidden high in the rocky mountains of colorado, in a remote and unmarked field, is a ásecretá monument honoring war veterans.

The lonely tower of granite sits at more than eleven thousand feet, in a clearing among majestic peaks.

Cbs sunday morning and national correspo lee cowan made the long trek to the ásoldier- stoneá to unlock the mysteries surrounding it.

The continental divide - that invisible mountain boundary that tells a river whether to flow east or west.

But not everything up here is that clear cut.

Nat/sot wind in a stand of trees - impossibly alone - sits this pillar of polished granite.

Just what it is - and how it got all the way up here - has puzzled the hardy few who have found it - for decades.

"they jus stumble on it and go what the heck is this?"

"but we still don really know that right?"

"well, it make people think" rob roy isn't comfortable talking about this mountaintop mystery - in part - because he made a vow of silence to the man who built it ... his late uncle; lt col stuart allen beckley...the solider behind soldierstone.

"this is kind o contrary to what uncle alan may have wanted.

He doesn't want to beat the drum, but i'm beating it for him, and a lot of other people are."

By all accounts - col.

Beckley was a soldier's soldier - he served for nearly a decade in southeast asia during the vietnam war.

"if you kno anything about special forces, green beret's, they're the people that parachute behind the lines and they work with indigenous people and help them defend themselves."

"but most o what he was doing then, he couldn't really talk about."


The troops he trained and served with - had been secretly recruited by the cia.

Made up mostly of hmong and lao decent - this secret army took tens of thousands of casualties fighting communism in southeast asia - lives that otherwise might have been american.

But for decades, the us government denied their sacrifice.

In a recording col beckley made after he retired - it was clear that ignoring those foreign fighters - haunted him long after vietnam ended.

"i made a silen promise to myself that they would have their memorial and it would not just be in asia, but their memorial would be in the unites states as compatriots of ours."

"mike: i mean, thi was a mission..."

In 1990 - col beckley set out to build his tribute - with the help of a stone cutter by the name of mike donelson.

"so when he firs described what he wanted to do, what did you think?

"um...// 07:49:55 thought he was a quack at first and within 30 minutes, i knew he wasn't."

"did he explai why he was building it?"

"it kinda go revealed to me over time.

// 07:57:11 he did want it remote, and the people who need to find it, would find it."

"we're just o top of the world..."

This long forgotten video- tape documented the construction.

"...truck noise... civilians, active duty, and retired veterans - made up the small army who unloaded 8 tons of hand carved granite - not just for the piller - but 36 so called quote stones... "...thump..

...weighing 300 pounds a piece - etched with a poem or proverb written in laotian, thai, vietnamese - among others languages - they were scattered like fallen troops - around the monument itself.

"...watch ove the ones that this statue if for..."

In the summer of 1995 - col beckley's memorial to foreign fighters was finished.

It was the same year he died of cancer.

He never saw his offering in person.

"when we walke away, it was done.

That was the end of it.

// 08:05:30 besides a few people that stumbled across it // on the continental divide trail, nobody knew it was there."

Until this happened... "we came acros this memorial out in the middle of nowhere."

In 2013 - a youtube post appeared.

The secret of soldierstone was out.

"i read that th park rangers keep this location private..."

"we have trie very hard, as much as we can to respect his vision that it would be a spot where people would just sort of find it."

Ranger tristram post - will help you find col beckley's soldierstone - but only if you ask.

She doesn't publicize the exact location, and neither will we.

"so this is th official folder that we keep in here..

// 08:51:42 i've never seen this" rob roy- had only seen pictures of his uncle's dream - mike donely hadn't seen it since he built it.

"rob: so it's not walk in the park?

Mike: nah it takes a little bit to get here, yeah."

So they made the long drive in fresh fallen snow - and then began the long hike.

11:23:48 "...huffing an puffing..."

You have to want to pay your respects up here.

"rob: mikey.

Yo don't know how much i appreciate you coming and joing me up here okay?

I mean that...mike: cool..."

Once there - the solitude is part of the experience - as is leaving a token of military service.

"rob: fo eternity right?

Mike: there we go..."

After a quiet pause - it was time to go.

"mike: well, tha was worth the hike.

Rob: yeah.

Thanks man.

Mike: you bet."

And they - like everyone - left soldierstone to it's isolation.

"think the co would be proud?"

"oh i think he' proud right now.

I think a lot of people would be proud."

Especially those - whose memories - are now no longer forgotten.

Although the forest service watches over the memorial, it's been volunteers who really keep it up -- managing the collection of mementos left behind by visitors.

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