House Call - Music and spiritual health

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

House Call - Music and spiritual health

Joining us today for House Call is Donald Fox, Spiritual Care Chaplain with Mayo Clinic Health System


House Call - Music and spiritual health

Welcome back.

Joining us today for house call is donald fox ... spiritual care chaplain with mayo clinic health system and we are talking about the importance of music to our health.

How can music affect us our overall health and spiritual manner?

What's interesting sometimes about music is we may not remember what we ate, but we might remember that song we heard at a certain moment in our life.

Can you talk about how that might be?

What is it about music and maybe certain notes that "strikes a chord" for us in different ways?

Music can remind us of people we may have lost.

What advice do you have for people maybe struggling with loss during this time of season?

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