On the Beat 12/4/19 - Lucent Medi Spa Christmas Specials

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Published on December 4, 2019 -

On the Beat 12/4/19 - Lucent Medi Spa Christmas Specials

Brea Liddell from Lucent Medi Spa invites the community to their open house on Friday, December 6th from 9 a.m.

To 7 p.m.

For more information, call (662) 889-88695


On the Beat 12/4/19 - Lucent Medi Spa Christmas Specials

Midday slate troy: welcome to on the beat, everyone.

I'm over here with brea liddell from lucent medi spa, and we're talking all about their open house that's happening right now this month.

How are you, my friend?

Brea liddell: wonderful.

Troy: all right.

Before we get any further, let's tell everyone what the open house is about.

Brea liddell: our open house is to promote some of our services that we offer and bring you into the spa and see our beautiful relaxing environment.

Troy: okay, so let's remind everyone what it is that you do at lucent medi spa.

Brea liddell: we do a wide variety of services.

We offer different types of massage, hot stone, craniosacral therapy.

Troy: oh, nice.

Brea liddell: yes.

So we can offer a variety with massage, but we also offer a variety with skincare.

Troy: oh, really?

Brea liddell: so we have several different types of facials, pedicures, manicures and coolsculpting.

Troy: people are lovingly coolsculpting at your clinic as well, what are the results like that you're getting?

Brea liddell: we are getting some amazing results, very happy people and it's exciting to help them feel better about themselves.

Troy: you should bring a couple of your clients in.

Brea liddell: sure!

Troy: we could do some testimonials with them next time.

Brea liddell: yes.

We would have some very happy ones.

Troy: oh, i like that.

Show some before and afters.

People love seeing what is possible.

What skincare ranges do you keep?

Brea liddell: we have skinmedica and dermawear.

Troy: perfect.

Now on the day, are you doing a promotion with them as well?

Brea liddell: we are.

We'll be offering 20% off of any of our products.

Also our youngblood makeup line.

Troy: oh, wow.

Brea liddell: and we have blue deer candles.

Troy: blue deer candles.

Brea liddell: yes.

Troy: i haven't heard of them before.

Brea liddell: they're from west point, actually.

Troy: oh, i think i saw them in there.

They have a deer on the top of them?

Brea liddell: yes.

Troy: that's right.

They look very expensive.

Brea liddell: they're very good.

Troy: gorgeous.

Brea liddell: yes.

Troy: all right, so let's bring up the full screen of all the promotions that we have going on over there as well.

What's happening with the promotions?

Brea liddell: we will be having 60 minute hot stone massage, oxygeneo super facial three in one treatment, eyebrow arch and peppermint pedicure for $250, 30 minute exfoliating facial, makeover, manicure and peppermint pedicure for $150, and a 30 minute facial with an ultrasound add-on, 30 minute massage and a peppermint pedicure for $100.

So these are some great ways of buying gift certificates and gifts for people that they can try out a variety of different services.

Troy: yeah, and that's the best thing.

But guess what, everyone?

We are also doing the most fabulous promotion on coolsculpting.

What's happening there?

Brea liddell: yes.

We will be doing buy one full treatment, you get the second treatment for half off.

It's a huge savings.

Troy: okay.

We just did that a few months ago.

Brea liddell: yes, we did.

Troy: and your phone rang off the hook.

Brea liddell: it did, we had a lot of people take advantage of this and it was a great way for people to be able to experience two treatments, which shows the best, sometimes three or four, so we would add on that discount for the third and fourth also.

Troy: oh, you do?

Brea liddell: yes, sir.

Troy: wow, brea, that's amazing.

All right.

Just explain to everyone at home about coolsculpting a little bit.

What's the premise behind it?

Brea liddell: coolsculpting eliminates fat cells, so it freezes them and kills them.

So then the body breaks it down naturally and just gets rid of it.

Troy: yes.

So now this is not, as we want everyone to know, a weight loss solution.

Brea liddell: it is not.

Troy: it aids in your weight loss as well.

Someone who's had a couple of babies and just finds those little tough spots hard to get rid of, but they also now have just bought out for the chin.

Brea liddell: yes.

Troy: explain to everyone about those elements.

Brea liddell: the chin, we can actually guarantee that it will tighten as well.

That's fda cleared that it will tighten, and we have seen some amazing results for underneath the chin.

It helps just eliminate any of that double chin.

Troy: oh, i hear you.

Let's brig up the on the screen again now what dates and times we're doing for the open house again.

Brea liddell: yes.

December 6th, it's a friday.

All day, frm nine in the morning until seven o'clock at night.

Troy: brea, we appreciate you coming in.

Brea liddell: thank you.

Troy: thank you so much.

Everyone, if you want to take advantage of open house, there it all is up on the screen.

The phone number, give them a call, make some appointments.

Brea liddell, she will look after you and all her amazing team over there at lucent medi spa.

Back after this short break.

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On the Beat - 12/04/19
Video credit: WCBI - Published on December 4, 2019 

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