Monday Morning Sprint

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Published on December 3, 2019 -
Parts of northern Wisconsin are in an ongoing snow emergency.

Monday Morning Sprint

It's 6:5 .... time for the morning sprint -- with the most local news to start your monday.

We begin with haddie mclean and her alert day forecast -- with some sunshine to start your work.

Today: becoming mostly sunny and cold.

High: 32 wind: nw 8-15 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy and seasonably cold.

Low: 24 wind: nw to sw 6-12 mph the winter storm system is finally making its way out of the midwest... but not after impacting thousands of travelers here in wisconsin.

We're still seeing some of those impacts today... with delays coming into dane county regional, ohare and milwaukee airports.

If you're picking someone up... make sure to check the schedule ahead of time.

In northern wisconsin, parts of oconto county are in an ongoing snow emergency.

Wet, heavy snow -- coupled with strong winds against the bay shore -- is causing flooding that's blocking off streets and intersections.

Flooding is a foot-and-a-half deep in some places... however -- winds in that area have peaked, so now it's a matter of time before the flooding recedes.

The n-t-s-b is headed to the scene of a deadly plane crash in south dakota this morning.

Nine people were killed when the plane went down during a winter storm warning.

It happened in chamberlain -- roughly three hours west of sioux falls.

Three of those passengers survived and were transported to an area hospital... their conditions are unknown.

It's unclear why the plane was allowed to take off it's cyber monday...but before you log on to shop those great deals... here are some helpful tips to proetect yourself and your budget... avoid using public wifi and opening links or attatchemetns on suspicious emails.

Use strong unique passowrds.

Cybercriminals will prey on shoppers' desire for the lowest prices and will try to slip in a lot of fake deals...so be aware of things that seem too good to be true.

And make a budget and stick to it, be wary of the "buy more, save more" types of deals.

Like when the free shipping offers you see if you spend a certain dollar amount.

Unless the free shipping minimum is near your total...avoid it.

Josh a teenager is in critical condition this morning after crashing a stolen car.

Fitchburg police say the 16-year- old driver drove off the road and slammed into a tree head-on saturday night near the boys and girls club of dane county.

Two other passengers in the car are also hospitalized with injuries from the crash... police believe another person may have been in the car... but left before police arrived at the scene.

At least 21 people are dead after a weekend-long battle between cartel members and police officers in mexico.

It started saturday... when cartel gunmen attacked a town near the u-s border.

The violence comes days after president trump announced plans to designate the cartels as foreign terrorist organizations..

A man and woman who died following friday's terrorist attack near london bridge have been identified.

25-year-old jack merritt and 23- year-old saskia jones both were graduates of the university of cambridge.

Police identified the man suspected of killing them as usman khan... who was convicted in 20-12 for terrorism offenses.

Police officers shot and killed khan shortly after the attack.

Authorities in new orleans say a person has been detained ... but not charged in connection with a shooting in new orleans.

Ten people were shot... two remain in critical condition this morning.

It happened on canal street, just outside the french quarter.

There was an increased police presence in the area at the time... for the bayou-classic football game... happening less than a mile away at the super dome.

China is suspending u-s navy visits to hong kong and will sanction pro-democracy groups in retaliation for passing 'the human rights and democracy act.'

It requires an annual review making sure hong kong has enough autonimy to justify their special trade status with the u-s.

This comes as the u-s and china are working to end their trade war.

The field of democratic presidential candidates is getting smaller.

Montana governor steve bullock is dropping out of the race.

Bullock never polled higher than one- percent in the numbers used to determine who appeared on the debate stage.

The house intelligence committee is expected to release a report today as the next step in its ongoing investigation into president trump.

It'll detail what members of the committee found in their investigation into whether president trump abused his power by pressuring ukraine to investigate joe biden.

Members are expected to vote tomorrow on whether to formally approve the report's findings.

The white house says it will not participate in the house intelligence committee's upcoming hearing wednesday.

In a five-page letter ... the white house counsel accuses the committee's chairman of intentionally scheduling the hearing to interfere with the president's trip to the nato summit in london later this week.

The white house has until friday to decide if it'll participate in future hearings.

6:5 now... let's turn it over to josh timm with a look at your first-alert traffic.

Starting to pick up now heading westbound on the beltline with brakelights showing up between stoughton rd and w.

Broadway adding a couple minutes to your drive time.

The usual brakelights starting to pop up inbound john nolen near rimrock and olin ave as you make your way into downtown.

And other main routes including the interstate are cruisin along at the usual speeds with no major crashes or delays.

With first alert traffic, i'm josh timm today: becoming mostly sunny and cold.

High: 32 wind: nw 8-15 mph tonight: becoming mostly cloudy and seasonably cold.

Low: 24 wind: nw to sw 6-12 mph

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