Brindisi fighting to get broadband to rural areas

Video Credit: WKTV
Published on November 23, 2019 -
Brindisi puts out survey to gather data on use of broadband in rural areas.

Brindisi fighting to get broadband to rural areas

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Congressman anthony brindisi is continuing his fight to get broadband into rural areas of the state.

His new approach is to survey all rural locations, and report accurate d maps to the fcc.

He's offering a broadband speed test through measurement lab and then his office will analyze the data.

You can also participate in a survey on the congressn's webte.

Ere's also a survey being mailed out.

Sot: anthony brindisi, 22nd congressnalistrict en we havthe datwe need, 're going tshow the fcc at stomers in ourural mmuniti are nogetting whatthey usinyour datand your ories, wean help fix t broadband maps e internet to our district.

Currently the fcc looks at census tracks as a gage to determine whether an area has broadband

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