Dalton holdup photos

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Published on November 13, 2019 -

Dalton holdup photos

Dalton Police need your help to identify the suspects holding up clerks in September, despite their masks.

They held guns on a customer with kids.


Dalton holdup photos

Their doors tonight and winning me there also encouraging folks to downey warm love of the police from assessing for the public software delphi 3 men who robbe adults to read gunpoint in september new stills after the hendersons live in dalton with details ashley the suspects did wear masks that investigators think someone will be able to identify therecorded by store se cameras.

The incident happened on september 13th at the la esquinita store at 613 n.

Hamilton street.

Bruce frazier communications dir.

City of dalton "just before 9 o'clock at night, three subjects entered the store, two immediately break out handguns, point them at a customer that was there with his children, which is obviously very frightening, and also at the store clerk.

They clean out the cash register, and they fled on foot."

One of the gunmen grabbed a customer and pointed a gun at his head.

Frazier: "all three individuals were wearing masks but, we believe, because of the quality of the camera system, that somebody might still be able to pick out facial features that were not covered by masks, and recognize these individuals.

Also, they had on pretty distinctive clothing, that we're hoping that somebody that knows these guys will recognize."

The three then fled on foot, apparently running northwest in the direction of an alley near matilda street.

The group got away with a large amount of cash.

Bruce frazier says that it's not only the safety of the public they're worried about but the safety of the robbers too.

Frazier: "they don't know if there might have been somebody else in that store that might have had a gun, this is obviously a very dangerous thing to be doing, so if you know these guys, it'd be a really good idea for you to call the police, let us know where they are, who they are, just so we can get them in custody and stop them before they may do something where they might get hurt."

Dalton police say there have been no other reports of these three attempting a similar hold up since the september robbery.

Live in dalton, ashley henderson, news 12 now.


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